Connect to Campus Internet through KUAIR

This article is for Students.
Students and guests may access campus internet through the KUAIR Wi-Fi connection. Faculty and Staff should instead connect to the KUAIR-FACSTAFF on their laptops. Desktop computers should not need to be connected to the Wi-Fi; if there is an issue with your desktop computer's wired connection, please file a ticket

For further instructions on connecting to FACSTAFF, please see Connect to Campus Internet through KUAIR-FACSTAFF.

Overview of Steps

  1. Select the KUAIR connection on your device's Wi-Fi menu. 
  2. Find the login page, if it does not come up automatically (https://knet-xnac/self_registration)
  3. Log in using your Kean e-mail (including
  4. Select that you Agree to our policies
  5. Wait briefly for it to finish processing.

Below are detailed instructions and screenshots. 

Detailed Visual Guide

1. When connecting to the Wi-Fi, your default browser should open to a login page. 
If it does not automatically open, navigate to: https://knet-xnac/self_registration  





2) Enter your KeanGoogle e-mail login, including 





3) The first time you connect, you will be told that you are denied access.  
To enable access, select that you agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and proceed. 



  1. 4) It will take a moment for the next page to load. 




  1. You will have access to the internet. On a mobile device, you may be automatically redirected to the last page you connected to.  

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