How to Back Up & Restore Chrome Bookmarks

There are two different ways to back up your Chrome bookmarks. 

Option 1 uses Google Chrome's automatic synchronization method, which will save your bookmarks to your e-mail account. But you must be signed into your browser. 

Option 2 allows you to export your bookmarks to a file.

Option 1: Syncing Chrome Bookmarks with your KEAN Google account. 

This method allows you to sign into their browser with your email to save their bookmarks and keep them wherever you're signed in. 

  1. Click the account icon at the top right corner of the browser and it should open the following panel.  
    Select Turn on sync… and you should be redirected in the browser to the Google sign in page. 


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  1. Enter your KEAN email and you should be redirected to ClearLogin to enter your KEAN credentials. 


  1. Once you sign in, you should now be on the Chrome new tab page with a pop-up asking you to “Link your Chrome data to this account.” If the account has never been tied to Chrome, you will get this, otherwise, it should automatically sync in. The account and Chrome are both managed by Kean University because the university owns the account. 




  1. Once you turn on syncing, select Yes, I’m in. The user also has the option to alter the default syncing settings, if needed. 


  1. If the user wants to change the default settings, you will be redirected to Chrome settings, where the user can decide what information will be synced. Confirm the syncing so the setup can begin. Then you can go to Manage sync to optimize user settings. 



  1. Once you click Manage sync you should see options as for what the user is able to save to their account. 


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Option 2: Exporting the Chrome Bookmarks and saving to File Explorer. 


The next option is more for Technician-use so we can easily restore the user’s bookmarks after a reimage. The bookmarks will be saved to a HTML file that can be restored later. 

  1. Navigate to Chrome settings icon > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager 


  1. You should now see a complete listing of all the user’s bookmarks. To export them to file, select the settings icon in the top right and go down to export bookmarks. 



  1. A File Explorer windows will open. Save the file to a location where it can easily be found later. The file will save as a HTML file as below, that will open in any web browser. 










  1. When restoring bookmarks, you’ll see no bookmarks in the manager. To import old bookmarks from the HTML file, select the settings icon in the top right and go down to import bookmarks. 


  1. Once the File Explorer window appears, find the HTML file in the location you saved the file and select it. 


  1. Bookmarks should now be restored. 


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