View Blackboard Collaborate Recordings

In BlackBoard Collaborate, virtual lectures can be recorded by the professor. These recordings will automatically be saved to the class's BlackBoard page, and they can be accessed through the same module through which live lectures are accessed. 

Please note: A professor must start a recording for it to be saved. Lectures will not be automatically recorded. If the professor stops the recording and starts a new one, it will be listed separately even if it is the same classsession.
A professor also has the ability to name individual recordings. If the professor does not rename the recording, the recording will be numbered sequentially. In this case, check the Date column to find the lecture you are looking for. 

How To Access

1) On Blackboard, select the course from your course list.
2) On the sidebar, right beneath the course name, click on the Live Sessions module.
(Note: your Professor may have renamed it. It will be the same page that you navigate to in order to attend lectures live)
3) On the module that loads in the middle of the page, click on the Menu button in the top left to bring out the Blackboard Collaborate menu. 

You will see the BlackBoard Collaborate logo, your name, and then two menu items for Sessions and Recordings. 

4) Click on the Recordings item. This will bring up the list of all recordings. 


The list of live sessions will be replaced by a list of existing recordings. 

Please note: if the recording just ended, then it may not be immediately accessible; the video will need some time to process after the recording has stopped.. 

Wait at least 20 minutes to an hour after the lecture to access the recording. 

If you do not see the recording even after time has passed, please contact your professor and CC OCIS. 

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