Connect to Campus Internet through KUAIR-FACSTAFF

This guide is for Faculty and Staff.

Faculty and Staff should ensure that they are always connected to KUAIR-FACSTAFF instead of KUAIR.

If you are a student or a guest, you should instead connect to KUAIR. It will not be possible for you to connect to KUAIR-FACSTAFF.

All computers set up at a desk on campus should already be connected to the Internet by way of a physical cable that plugs into the wall. If you are on a laptop, or if your computer is not connected by a cable, you can connect to the employee Wi-Fi KUAIR-FACSTAFF.

If you are not connected to the correct network, you will not be able to access your on-campus employee resources, including printers, network drives, and any applications that are hosted through Kean's servers such as Ellucian. If you are encountering an issue with any of these services, please check your connection before filing a ticket.

If opening a webpage redirects you to a “Device Registration” page, then you have selected KUAIR. Go back to the Wi-Fi menu and you will be able to switch to KUAIR-FACSTAFF.

A Domain Account is required to access KUAIR-FACSTAFF.
This account is not the same as your e-mail account. This is the account that is used to log into computers on campus. Staff members usually receive a Domain Account when they are hired. If you do not have a Domain Account for any reason, please file a Domain Account request form through the Service Catalog.

For Mac instructions, please scroll further down in the page.

How to Connect (on a Windows computer)

In order to connect to Wi-Fi, click on the Internet icon on your Windows toolbar (usually bottom right). Your internet connectivity will appear as one of the following depending on your connection status:

  • A wireframe globe with a crossed circle “no” symbol (🚫), indicating no connection
  • The angled arcs Wi-Fi symbol, indicating a wireless connection (may be faint on poor signal)
  • A computer monitor with a cord on the side, indicating a wired (Ethernet) connection
    • If you see this icon, you do not need to follow this guide. If you are experiencing connection issues, or if a red circle “x” icon is on top of it, please file a ticket.

Connection Steps

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi arcs button and a rectangular menu will pop up above it, listing different connections.
  2. Click on KUAIR-FACSTAFF, and then click on the “Connect” button that appears.
  3. After a moment, it will prompt you to enter your Username and Password.
  4. Enter your DOMAIN¹ account username (with ““ added) and password
  5. Click the “Connect” button or hit the enter key.

Watch and wait for it to connect before clicking away. It will say “Connected, secured” and show a “Disconnect” button instead of “Connect” once completed.

¹ A “Domain Account” is separate from your KeanGoogle E-mail account. This is the username and password for logging into Kean computers and the VPN. Most employees should have been assigned a Domain Account. Some faculty may not have a Domain Account due to previous policies not requiring them. If for any reason you do not have a Domain Account, please file a Service Request form for a Domain Account in our Service Catalog.

How to Connect (on a Mac computer)

Check the internet connection by looking at the very top toolbar of the screen, on the right by the clock. Each arc of the universal “Wi-Fi” symbol that is solid colored indicates the level of connection strength. Depending on how your computer’s colors are customized, this will be either white or black.

A Wi-Fi symbol that is completely “empty” indicates no Wi-Fi connection at all.

A Wi-Fi symbol that is even partially white indicates that you have a Wi-Fi connection.
If all three arcs are colored solid, then the connection is very good.
If only one or two are colored, it may be spotty.

Connection Steps

  1. Open your System Preferences, a special application identifiable by its grey gears icon.
    There are a few ways to do this:
    • Click on the magnifying class next to the clock and type in “System Preferences”
    • Or, click on the System Preferences icon in the application list (the “dock”).

  1. Opening System Preferences will bring up a new window with multiple rows of icons.
    Navigate to the internet settings by doing one of the following:
    • Find and click on the “Network” icon (a blue-green circle with white lines)
    • Or enter “Network” into the search bar in the top right of the window.
  2. In the Network menu, “Wi-Fi” will automatically be selected on the left.
    On the right side of the window, find area that says “Network Name:” and click on the box.

  1. A list of different Wi-Fi networks will appear. Click on the Wi-Fi network you want to use.
    • Remember – if you are on campus, select KUAIR-FACSTAFF.
    • If you are at home, select your home Wi-Fi network.

  1. On KUAIR-FACSTAFF, another smaller window will pop up asking for “enterprise credentials.” Enter the username of your Domain Account (without and password.
    • See the example below on the right.
    • Keep the “Remember this network” box checked.

  1. Click the “Join” button after you’ve entered your credentials.
    • Your computer will start connecting. If more windows appear, see the steps below..
    • If you see a new window titled “Verify Certificate”, select “Continue.”
      You should only do this on trusted networks, like KUAIR-FACSTAFF or your home Wi-Fi.

  1. A window may appear saying “You are making changes to your Certificate Trust Settings.”
    • Enter the password for your local account that you used to log into the computer.

You will now be connected to the internet. You can check the Wi-Fi icon and open any internet browser to double-check and verify that you are connected.

You may close System Preferences by clicking the red circle on the top left of its window.

Note that the windows in the above steps may be layered on top of each other when opened. For example:

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