Service of Personal Equipment

OCIS can provide full service to devices properly purchased through and distributed by the University. 

However, we can only provide limited support to personally-owned devices

We can assist with Wi-Fi connection, configuring Kean e-mail, and guidance for school-related websites and software. Otherwise we cannot make any changes to your computer, including but not limited to: updates, installation, and troubleshooting slow performance except of official academic software.

Under no circumstances will OCIS service the hardware components of a personally-owned computer or retain one in the office for service. Any technical commentary that may be given is only generalized computing theory and is not official personalized support instructions. 

If you need professional support or repairs for your personal computer, please contact a commercial technical support business, or the customer service of the computer manufacturer, software developer, or website you are using. 

For information about obtaining loaner laptops, please click here.

Adjunct faculty seeking a permanent University-issued laptop should consult with their department. At this time, Kean University does not automatically grant laptops to Adjunct faculty.

Service may be delayed with Kean-issued computers that are not the standard-issue models preferred by OCIS (for example, due to lack of spare parts), and these computers may need to be replaced with such models. 

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