About File Back Up

Your computer’s files will not be automatically uploaded and backed up to the Kean network. Only files in your Network Drive will be on the Network, and this limited space is shared with others in your office.

For staff who frequently change workstations, it is a good idea to put some of your frequently used files on your department’s network drive if appropriate. Otherwise, you may want to use external storage (such as a USB stick) or cloud storage (such as Google Drive) to carry your files between computers.

There are a few ways to back up or transfer your files:

  • Through USB Devices
  • Through Online "Cloud" Storage like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Even if you use only one computer, it is strongly recommended that regularly back-up important files. You never know when you may lose a file on your computer. Even normal computer usage or system updates can carry a risk of deleting or “corrupting” your files. Computer failures, viruses, or physical damage to your computer can make it difficult or even impossible to recover your files. 

You can contact our office to specifically request assistance or training, but OCIS cannot perform this service on a reoccurring basis, nor will we store the back-up. Technicians do not provide storage devices; your department must make an official equipment request to order USB drives and external drives through regular purchasing channels. 

If your computer is being swapped out, OCIS can transfer your files to the new one upon request. However, we do not typically retain a back-up of these files after the new computer has been tested and delivered. In short, outside of Network Drives, each employee and department is responsible for keeping back-ups. However, it is recommended that even Network Drive files should be backed up as a precaution in case of accidental deletion or inability to connect to the server.

Backing Up To "The Cloud" (Online Storage)

It’s also possible to upload files to the internet in order to create a back-up. You can manually upload files (similarly to putting them on a USB stick) or you can set them up to automatically copy the files.  This can be useful if you frequently switch computers, or if you’re concerned about losing or damaging your USB.

There are a variety of online “cloud” storage services, but Kean University does not officially support or have a license with any except for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. If you choose another service, such as Dropbox, OCIS can only offer limited support unless your department purchases the software. Additionally, be mindful of privacy; files containing confidential information should not be uploaded.

Automatically Syncing Files with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive 

You may also install an application onto your computer which will scan your files and make sure they are automatically uploaded to your online storage. However, since your computer requires administrative credentials to install new applications, you will need to contact OCIS for a technician’s assistance. They will also be able to help you configure the software to manage how files are uploaded.  

Note that this method of upload will not free up file-space on your computer, unless you choose to change the application’s settings to stop automatically syncing a folder. If you sync your files to Drive or OneDrive, and then you delete those files from your computer, then they will be deleted online too.   

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