How To Upload Files to Google Drive (Manually)

Uploading files through the website is similar to steps for backing up to a USB device, with the website taking the place of the File Explorer or Finder window for the USB device. 

  1. Open a web browser (preferably Chrome) and go to Google Drive. 
    1. Drive can be found at (click this link or enter into the address bar)
    2. Or, in the 9-dot App menu at the top right of the Google home page. 
    3. Make sure you are logged into your KeanGoogle account.
  2. Click on the folder where you would like to upload the files to open it. 
    1. If you would like to create a new folder, click the “+ New” button on the left. This creates it in whichever folder is open.
  3. In order to upload your files to the currently open folder, do one of the following:
    1. Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and navigate to the desired files.
      1. Do not full screen the window. Keep it on over the web browser, but to the side. Make sure you can see the file list in Google Drive. 
      2. Select all of the files you wish to copy (click and drag the cursor to highlight files)
      3. Click on any of the selected files, and without lifting your finger drag them into the Google Drive window, into the file list. You’ll notice it turn blue. 
      4. Let go of the mouse and the files will begin to upload.
    2. Alternatively, use the +New button and click “File upload” or “Folder upload”
      1. This opens a small Explorer/Finder window. Find and select the files/folder.
    3. In the bottom right corner of the Google Drive window, a small box with a black header bar will list all the files or folders you are uploading with circular progress bars and time estimates. 
    4. Wait for all uploads to say “Complete”. If any failed to upload, it will say so. You can click on them to try again.
    5. Once all files are uploaded, you may now close the tab or browser. 

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