Change Enrollment to CampusAlert™

If you are no longer affiliated with the university, or you want to stop receiving Police notifications to a device you registered, you can make these adjustments through the MIR3 registration portal.

The portal can be found at:

An overview of the steps:

  1. Log in with your full e-mail address
  2. Find the Opt-Out button the left, or click the Device tab
  3. Confirm your request, or click the save button after editing your devices.

General instructions for registration and using the system may be found on the Police page:
Please note that the university requires all students to be registered for CampusAlert.

For further instructions, scroll through this article to find:

  • Logging In
  • Resetting Password
  • Opting Out

Logging In

Log into the Portal with the e-mail you signed up with, including the portion after the @ symbol. 

This is usually your Kean e-mail. However, it does not share the password with your Kean e-mail; it is not affected by e-mail password resets.

Forgot Password

Click the the Forgot Password tab at the top to send a new temporary password to the e-mail you registered with.
If you do not have access to the e-mail you registered with, please file a ticket for our administrators to update your account.

(If you have grouped inboxes in your Google e-mail, you may need to check the "Updates" tab, or search for MIR3)

There is no direct link in the e-mail; once you have received the password, return to the log in page and enter that password with your e-mail.

Editing Your Account

Once you are logged in, you may:

  1. Manage your devices
  2. Opt-out entirely

To manage your devices (to remove them, or to change their preferred timeframe for contact), click the "Devices" tab to view a full list of every device enrolled to receive notifications.

To opt-out entirely, find the button on the left side of the screen.

When opting out, your browser will prompt you to confirm. Click "OK" to finalize the request.

If for any reason you are unable to remove yourself from the system, please submit a New Ticket using your Kean e-mail, or call our Help Desk at (908) 737-6000 if you do not have one.

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