Should I update to Windows 11?

Microsoft has recently released the latest version of its operating system, Windows 11. 

However, since this release is so new, not all IT environments are ready to transition. OCIS staff is working to prepare our systems for Windows 11 in the future. Keep an eye out for announcements on this matter.

For more information on Windows 11, please visit the Microsoft website. 

Should I Update My Kean-Issued Computer?

All Kean computers are set up to not ask you about Windows 11 and to not allow this update to occur. 

If you are receiving notifications and prompts to update, do not update as it will cause compatibility issues with our network. Please place a ticket to let us know so that we can correct this. If your computer has been updated, please place a ticket so that OCIS technicians can revert your computer to Windows 10.

Regular updates to Windows 10 will continue as normal. 

What About My Personal Computer?

At this time, no major issues have been observed which would affect the usage of personal devices. Windows 11 computers have successfully connected to the KUAIR network. Compatibility issues primarily impact computers' connections to the employee network and administration by OCIS.

For security and quality purposes, it is generally recommended to keep all computer software up to date, including operating systems like Windows. 

However, operating systems continue to be maintained for some time after the release of their successors, so it is perfectly safe to continue using Windows 10 if you cannot update at this time. Just ensure that you are keeping Windows 10 up to date with its own latest version. 

Please note that with any major operating system update, there is a small but very real chance of losing your data. It is strongly recommended that you back up all of your important data before performing such an update, and to always maintain a routine of regular back-ups regardless of anticipated changes. 

OCIS has no official recommendations for personal device maintenance and is not responsible for the results of users' decisions.

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