Guide to Internet Browsers

What Internet Browser Am I Using? 


Kean University officially supports Google Chrome, which is identifiable by its colorful logo – a red, green, yellow, and blue circle.  

Safari is the default browser on Mac computers, identifiable with a compass logo.  

Mozilla Firefox is a very common web browser considered a competitor to Chrome, identifiably by a blue globe wrapped by an orange fox.  

Internet Explorer was the default web browser for Windows machines until 2015, identifiable by its blue “e” logo with a ring around it like the planet Saturn (either blue or yellow depending on the version). Internet Explorer has been officially replaced by Microsoft and is given minimal maintenance by the company, and most modern websites are not designed with it in mind. Internet Explorer should not be used unless you have been specifically instructed to use it. (for example, in cases such as WebNow) 

Internet Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer. It has had two logos; older versions will have a deep blue “e” without a defined ring like Explorer has, while up-to-date versions have a blue ocean-like wave with a green tip. It is the default browser for Windows, but Google Chrome is recommended. 

What is Java? What is Flash? Do I need to update it?

Java and Flash are programs that many websites for more sophisticated content than plain text information. For example, some websites use Flash for video players. Many websites use JavaScript to build applications into the webpage, like calculators or maps. To use these webpages properly, your computer has to have the programs they rely on. All Kean computers should have common programs like these installed already and they should update automatically, but sometimes you may be prompted to update or install Java as a common troubleshooting step. Sometimes, your browser will also ask for permission to let a webpage use them.

Note: Adobe Flash specifically is no longer supported by Adobe. Most modern websites have updated to stop relying on Flash. If you come across a website that requires Flash and is not working properly, we strongly advise you to find an alternative. However, in cases where it is necessary, please file a ticket and we may be able to enable Flash. Be sure to mention the exact website, what browser you are using, and why it is necessary for you or your department to access the website. 

Can I Back Up My Browser Bookmarks?

In Google Chrome, you can sign into the browser to save your bookmarks and sync them across different devices. See our Chrome bookmarks guide for more information.

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