Using the VPN

Pulse Secure (formerly called Junos Pulse) is the VPN software used by Kean University. In order to use the VPN, you must have it installed on your computer and your account must have been granted access. If you do not have access, or if you need it installed, please submit a request using our Service Catalog

A VPN allows you to connect to the Kean network as if you were on campus, granting access to the network resources (such as office drives) that are only available on campus. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to the VPN was greatly expanded to accommodate staff working remotely. The VPN is required to access shared network drives (such as your departmental O: Drive) and applications like Ellucian and WebNow. Workday does not require the VPN.


How To Use The VPN 

  1. Open the VPN as you would any other application on your computer.  
    (You may have a shortcut, search for it in your computer’s toolbar, etc.) 
    Its icon is a green and white S-Shape within a black square.

  2. The VPN may have already opened itself when you started your computer.  
    If you closed it, check the icons on the bottom right of your Windows toolbar.  
    It may be hidden, so if you do not see it select the ^ upward arrow.  
    If you see the Pulse Secure S-shaped icon, click on it and select “Open Pulse Secure” 

  3. When opening Pulse Secure, you may see a grey rectangular window with its logo as it loads. 

  4. There will be one “Connection”, labeled similarly to “SA (”. If you have no connections, see the Troubleshooting section below. 

  5. Click the Connect button.  


  6. When connecting, you may be prompted to log in.  
    The VPN uses your Domain Account name and password (your computer log-in). 
    This is not necessarily the same as your KeanGoogle e-mail.  
    Unlike connecting to Wi-Fi, do not add onto your Domain Name 

  7. Connecting to the VPN may take a minute

  8. While it is connecting, you will see a grey checkmark icon next to the Connect button, with a green bar and a series of white dots. The log-in screen will also display a grey box with a blue “loading” circle to indicate the progress of the connection.  

  9. During this time, your internet connection may be disrupted. If you are editing a Drive document, watching a video, in a Zoom conference, etc., you will notice that you are temporarily disconnected. This is normal. Your internet will reconnect automatically. 

  10. When the connection is complete, you will receive a notification, the login screen will close, the checkmark on the connection list will become green.


  11. Now you are logged into the VPN. You may close the window and continue your work normally. If you are off-campus, you will be able to use your associated Network Resources and Kean-hosted applications as normal. 

  12. If you need to disconnect from the VPN, re-open Pulse and click the “Disconnect” button. 

    You will not receive a notification, but your connection will be listed as “Disconnected" and the grey button will return to "Connect".

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