What Does & Doesn't Need The VPN

Software/Service Requires VPN? Website Notes
Blackboard NO blackboard.kean.edu
Ellucian/Colleague YES ui5.kean.edu
Perceptive Content (ImageNow, WebNow) YES kean.hosting.lxk.co/webnow
The website version of ImageNow is only compatible with Internet Explorer.
Network Drives (ex: O:, T:, etc.) YES N/A
Workday NO myworkday.com/kean/login.htmld

Office 365 NO office.com
Bria Softphone NO

KeanWise NO webreg.kean.edu
Datatel/Wintegrate YES


Ocularis NO

Outlook NO* gmail.com
Must use the VPN when adding an Exchange account for the first time

Titanium YES
If the shortcut has been removed from your desktop, Titanium can be found in your office's Network Drive.
PyraMed YES

Adobe NO adobe.com Paid versions of Adobe require either a license code or an Adobe account log in. This does not apply to Adobe Reader.
EMS YES events.kean.edu
Online version has fewer features.

If you do not need these services, you do not need to be connected to the VPN.

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