Installing Virtru Addon in Google Chrome

Installing the Virtru Addon in Google Chrome (does not work in other browsers)

From within Google Chrome, visit and Click Add to Chrome.

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Click Add Extension.

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A Getting Started page will load, feel free to review this for additional information.

Login to your Kean Google email (if not already logged in) and you will receive an activation pop up from Virtru. Click Activate.

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You will receive a pop up indicating your Virtru is activated. Click Done in this window.  A brief tour of the extension will be offered, click through if you wish.

Now when composing an email, you have the Virtru protection option which you can toggle on when needed. Virtru may also prompt you if you are about to send potentially sensitive information and offer to encrypt. 

For example, if creating an email and clicking Send with the Virtru addon disabled, you may be prompted with the below image suggesting that perhaps the email would be better sent encrypted.  Virtru will check patterns and other indicators that may show PII (personally identifiable information) or other sensitive data that should not be sent without encryption.  You can click Protect & Send to encrypt the email or you can choose to Send Anyway.


Additionally, in the top right of the Chrome window, you can click the puzzle piece to see your installed extensions and pin Virtru to the extension bar. This will allow you to go into the Virtru dashboard (click the Virtru extension symbol and choose Control Center).


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