Virtru: Troubleshooting

I’m trying to install Virtru for Firefox and nothing happens.

Virtru is only supported on Chrome.

I tried to forward an email and my recipient couldn’t read it.

The original sender may have disallowed forwarding. If forwarding was allowed, make sure you are forwarding the email on a web browser with the Virtru plugin or within the reader on Virtru’s site. If you forward the email outside of Virtru (for example, if you forward it on your phone and don’t have the app installed), your recipient won’t have permission to decrypt the email’s contents.

I’m having trouble setting up Virtru or reading a message sent to me.

Make sure that you’re not in an incognito/private window, and that you have cookies enabled. 

Why don’t images appear in my email?

Currently, Virtru does not show inline images (images that are copied and pasted into your email). You should add the image as an attachment instead. 

I am seeing a pop-up about updating Virtru. Is this legit?

In Chrome, you may occasionally see a message that says “Virtru has been updated. Click here to refresh.” You’re seeing this because there’s a new, important update available such as a stability fix. Other, less important updates may occur automatically when you restart Chrome.


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