Links for Ellucian & WebNow

Both Ellucian and ImageNow (WebNow) are available as web-based software, meaning that you do not have to install a separate application on your computer in order to use them. 

As of 2020, the majority of staff should be using the web-based Ellucian and WebNow softwares, as they are the most up-to-date and supported versions. You should only be using a previous version if necessary and approved by your supervisor. If you require the installed version, please place a work order so that a technician can assist you.

You can use the web portals at the links below. It is recommended that you bookmark them, or add a shortcut to your desktop.

Software Link Account used to log in
Ellucian / Colleague
Ellucian-specific login
WebNow (ImageNow, Perceptive Content) 
Domain (Computer) password

Account Access

Your account must have been granted access to use these software. 

If you previously had access to Ellucian or ImageNow, you can log into the portal as normal. 

If you are a new hire or have recently changed positions and you require access, you will have to file a form. 

As the Ellucian forms are not digitized, please submit a filled copy as an attachment to a new ticket on the Help Desk portal.

For more information on different systems' account access, please click here to view our comprehensive article.

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