How To Submit An Incident Ticket

If your ticket is not related to resolving an error, please navigate to “Request New Service” or “Browse Catalog” and select the form that best fits your request. Many common requests can be found in our catalog, such as granting account access, installing software, and various BlackBoard services like course shell copying. Equipment requests can be found in the catalog as well.

If you are experiencing an error, disruption of service, etc., or if your request is not covered by the catalog, select “New Ticket” at the top right (orReport An Incident).

If you are experiencing an issue with your password, please call our office first instead of filing a ticket. 

Due to security and FERPA policies, we cannot communicate information about passwords through e-mail. 

How To File A Ticket Through The Website


On the left side of the page, fill out the ticket form and describe your issue in detail. As you fill out the form, you may see suggested solutions on the right-side of the page.  

  1. Select A Requestor – by default, your e-mail will be in this field, but if you are filing the ticket on behalf of a colleague, you may enter their e-mail instead and they will receive the updates. You can also CC the ticket to any relevant parties.

  2. Subject – describe your issue briefly with keywords. Using software/website names or error message text will help rout the ticket to the appropriate team. 

  3. Impact & Urgency – indicate how many people it affects and how much it disrupts workflow. The text will change to show what your selected rating means.

  4. Phone Number – provide the best callback number for a technician to reach you or the affected user. 

  5. Description – Give as much relevant information on the issue as you can, especially what you're using. What triggers it? What error messages do you get, or do you not get any? What are you trying to do? (For a longer list of helpful questions you should consider when describing your issue, see Tips For Communicating Your Issue)

  6. Category – Pick from a list of categories to help route the ticket to the responsible division. 
    Note: If you are unsure what category to place your issue under, then make sure your description clearly names the software, website, etc. that you are having trouble with. The system will detect keywords to identify the most appropriate team to attend to your issue. For example, if you are having a problem with your BlackBoard gradebook, include the word BlackBoard in the ticket, not just the course ID.

  7. Building & Room Number – Provide the location in which the issue is occurring, especially if it differs from your office location.  

Can I still call OCIS to report an issue? 

Our Help Desk phone lines will remain open for our normal business hours. Some issues (such as passwords) may be best resolved by our Help Desk. A ticket will be created from the phone call, even if you only leave a voicemail. If you leave a voicemail, a technician will call you back, so please leave a detailed description of your issue. If you are a student or an employee  calling from a phone outside of your office, please state your name clearly and slowly.   

Can I still e-mail to report an issue?  

OCIS will no longer accept tickets through e-mail. All tickets must be filed through the website or by the front desk (by phone or in-person).  The support portal will be able to route most tickets to the appropriate technicians; there is no need to directly e-mail staff to raise a ticket.  

No matter how the ticket is filed, you will receive e-mail updates for your tickets, and you may reply to those e-mails to update the ticket and correspond with our technicians. 

How can I look at my tickets and update them? 

You can find all of your tickets through the Tickets menu of the Support portal. You may also reply to an e-mail notification to add a note to a ticket.
For an in-depth walkthrough with pictures, see the How To View & Edit Your Tickets guide.

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