Edit Your Profile & Delegate Approvals

Your Requestor Profile should already be populated with some information about you, such as your department, e-mail, etc. You can edit your profile within the portal to provide updates and additional information. 

Through this page, supervisors can also delegate approvals to a colleague during a period of absence. 

Finding Your Profile

A screenshot of the Support Portal header. An orange arrow points to the user profile button in the top right (next to the navigation menu). The profile button states the user's name.

  1. Select the button with your name on the top right of the portal -- it will highlight in orange. 
  2. Click to edit your profile. 

A screenshot of the profile editing page. A form for entering your information is on the left, and a section for "Delegate Approvals" is on the right. There is a button at the top of the form which says "Update".

Your Profile Information

After clicking "Edit Profile" you will be brought to a form with text fields and drop-down menus on the left. 

  1. Enter your information in any text box
  2. Click on boxes that have grey, downward pointing arrows on the right side in order to select information from a list.
    (Once the list is open, you may type into the box to search the list. Then click on the entry to select it.)
  3. Any required fields are marked by bold red asterisks (*), such as your First Name. You will not be able to save your profile if any one of these are blank.
  4. If you are not a supervisor who is taking a leave/vacation, ignore the "Delegate Approvals" field on the righthand side.
  5. Once you are done, click the orange "Update" button at the top of the form. 
  6. After the profile has been updated, the profile page will reload. A green banner stating "your profile has been updated" at the very top of the page confirms that your new information has saved.
  7. You may now close the webpage or navigate elsewhere.  

The banner referenced in Step 6. States: "Your profile has been updated."

On your profile, you can edit the following at any time: 

  • Profile photo
  • Name, pronouns, prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) 
  • Job title, ID#, 
  • Contact information
  • Campus location, building, and room number
  • Language and timezone 
    • (NOTE: This only changes the interface of FreshService and will not affect the content of your tickets. Certain content, such as Solutions articles, may not be available in non-English languages. If you prefer to interface with technicians in a non-English language, please make note of it under "Notes & Accommodations") 
  • Hours of availability and other notes.

At the bottom of your profile, there is a large text box where you can share any additional information or circumstances to consider.
Examples of such information include but are not limited to: 

  • Office is locked, overseen by a secretary, or is difficult to find/access. 
  • Communication preferences & accommodations (language, hearing or auditory processing, etc.) 
  • If you oversee specialized computers with unusual requirements 

All of your profile information will be visible to technicians, but will not be visible to other requestor accounts. 

Supervisors -- Approval Delegation

The "Delegate Approvals" section found on the right side of the profile page. Includes a dropdown menu for selecting a person and fields for specifying the period of dates that the delegation is active for.

FreshService allows you to select a delegate who may sign off on all approvals that are assigned to you while you are away. This functions similarly to "Vacation Mode" in e-mails. This is for specific dates of delegation, so it should not be used for routinely scheduled transfers of responsibility (such as differing shifts), nor is it intended for permanent transfers of responsibility. In such cases, raise a ticket to adjust your role in an approval process.

To delegate approvals, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Delegate to" field and type in the name of your chosen delegate to search for them in our database. 
  2. Once their name appears, click on it to confirm the selection of their account.
  3. If there is a limitation on the account you have selected, a warning box will appear.
  4. To select when the delegation is in effect, click the "Delegate from" boxes and select the date and time.
    This field is required. It may be the current day or a day in the future. 
  5. To select a time for the delegation to automatically expire, enter a date in the "Delegate until" boxes.
    This field is not required. If the date is not known, it may be left blank.
  6. Additional notes may be entered regarding the delegation. This will not change the function of the delegation process and is purely for reference.
  7. Click the orange "Delegate" button at the bottom of the module.

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