How To View & Edit Your Tickets

One of the major changes with the new website is that you can view all of your tickets, including ones that have been closed. You will also be able to directly edit the ticket's information, and add notes with new information, and exchange messages with our technicians.

(Note: FreshService does not contain records of any tickets filed before March 2020.)

How To Find Your Tickets

  1. At the top of the webpage, find the list of pages ("Solutions  Tickets  Service Catalog" etc). 
  2. Click on the "Tickets" page. (It will turn orange when hovering the mouse over it)

  1. You will be brought to a list of all of your tickets. Each ticket will show:
    1. An icon to represent how you filed the ticket (such as a mobile phone icon for a phone call)
    2. The title of the ticket with its ticket number (#INC- or #SR-)
    3. The date and time that the ticket was created
    4. The technician who is currently assigned to the ticket. 
    5. On the far right, a colored label indicating the ticket's status (Open, Closed, Resolved, etc.) 
  2. If you would like to find a specific ticket, use the yellow box buttons to filter tickets by status (i.e. show only open tickets) and sort them (i.e. by date).

The Ticket Page

  1. Click on a ticket to go to its specific ticket page.
  2. On the ticket's page, you will be able to see all correspondence and notes, including your original ticket, messages with the technician, and the resolution to the ticket once it's completed. 
  3. Beneath all notes, you may enter a message to reply to the ticket. This will add a note that is visible to you and technicians, and the assigned technician will be notified. 
  4. You may also attach a file, such as a photo or screenshot of your issue.
  5. Once you have written your message and/or attached your file, click the "Reply" button. (This will not save any changes you have made to the "Ticket Details")
  6. On the right, you can adjust details of the ticket, such as what building it is in or a call-back number.
  7. Once the ticket is completed, you may also fill out a Satisfaction Survey through this page.

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