What are Incidents and Service Requests?

With the new Self-Service Portal, you’ll find that there are two different ways to file tickets, and in turn two different ticket types. Tickets will be labeled with “INC” or “SR” depending on how they were filed. So what’s the difference? 

“INC” is short for “Incident”. 

Incident Tickets are likely what comes to mind first when you think of “getting help from OCIS.” These are the tickets that you file for unexpected occurrences – namely, when things go wrong, especially for an unknown reason.  

Some common examples are: 

  • A computer or screen won’t turn on 
  • Trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi or a Kean resource
  • The printer doesn’t respond when you try to print
  • Any kind of error message appearing on your computer

When an “incident” occurs, you should use the general “New Ticket” form. Since it’s a one-size-fits-all form, remember to give us as much information as you can.  

“SR” is short for “Service Requests”

Service Request tickets are for more routine, formal procedures. Usually, nothing has gone wrong; these tend to be logistics like purchasing or setting up access. Many of the previous paper forms have been converted to digital forms in the Service Catalog. 

Some common examples are:  

  • Access to a Printer or an “O: Drive” 
  • Having internet wall ports activated 
  • Creating a new e-mail or domain account
  • Access to Perceptive Content or EMS
  • New equipment or software  

When you need to request a service, you can find and file the form in the Service Catalog. It will have fields for all the information you need to give us. For more information, you can find video walkthroughs of the Service Catalog in our Solutions database, or linked below. 

No matter which type of ticket you file, you’ll be able to view all of them in your Tickets List with the same interface and options. With Service Requests, you’ll be able to see information about the current stage of the process.  

In conclusion...

“Incidents” are usually problems. An incident has occurred. 

“Service Requests” are usually procedures. You are requesting a standard service.  

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