Autosaving Documents in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office applications can save to OneDrive while you are working on them. This does not require any downloads or webpages and can be accomplished within each Office application. 

This feature also enables “AutoSave” so that the document will automatically be saved while you work on it, eliminating the need to manually hit the save button. However, AutoSave will only work on files that are saved to OneDrive; you cannot “AutoSave” a document that is only saved to your computer. 

First, ensure you are logged into your Microsoft Account within your Office applications through the "Account" tab. For more instructions, click here

How To Save To OneDrive

When saving a new file for the first time, you may select OneDrive as a save location. This will save it to the default folder. Access OneDrive through web-browser to move it. 

The prompt that appears when you Save a document after logging into Office.
 “Choose a Location” should look like this screenshot in order to save to OneDrive. 

  1. To save an existing computer file to OneDrive:
    1. Open the file and go to the File menu in the top left.
    2. Select Save As on the sidebar. (If you do not see “Save As,” then the file is already on OneDrive. Instead, you will see “Save A Copy”.)
    3. You will now see “OneDrive –” in the list. Click on it.
    4. On the right, you can save it a specific folder in OneDrive, just like saving to the computer. 

If you would like a document to automatically save to OneDrive as you work on it:

  1. Look at the top left of the window in the colored top bar (blue, green, etc.).
  2. Notice the “AutoSave” toggle switch, which might say “Off” by default. If it is “On”, then the document is already autosaving to OneDrive. Click on the switch to turn it on or off. 
  3. If you are editing a document that is saved to your computer instead of on OneDrive, you will be prompted to choose a OneDrive account to save it to. Select your Kean account. 
  4. If the document is not named, it will prompt you to enter a name. 
  5. After a moment to save and upload, the prompt will close and you may continue editing. 
  6. The document will now save automatically as you type, even if you do not hit “Save”.
  7. This will save it to the default folder. Access OneDrive through web-browser to move it. 

Note: You should consider OneDrive to be like saving a file to a different computer entirely. 

If you save a document to OneDrive, you will not find it by searching on your computer unless you have downloaded the OneDrive application. Without the application, you will only be able to access your OneDrive files through the website or through the Office applications. 

If you already had the document on your computer and then began saving it to OneDrive, the copy on your computer will not update when you save. If you would like to start using the Autosave feature, you should delete the original computer copy (usually in the Documents folder).  

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