Cannot Connect to KUAIR

The KUAIR connection is an "open" network that is not locked with a password. However, you will not actually have any internet access just by connecting to it. Every device using the network must be registered. Each device is registered separately to your Kean e-mail account. This is a similar process to many "public" networks, such as hotel or transportation Wi-Fi. 

When an unregistered device connects, the Wi-Fi status will say "Connected, No Internet" (or similar depending on your device).

Typically, you will be automatically redirected to the Device Registration portal. If the sign-in page does not appear, open up a browser and go to any webpage and you will be prompted to login. For more information, please see our Article on KUAIR.

In the case that your browser does not redirect you (and you may see "Connection not Private" or other errors), please follow these instructions:

  1. Go directly to the following link:
    (Type this into the "URL" bar at the top of your browser)
  2. Enter your Kean e-mail information (without
  3. If prompted, read and accept the Acceptable Use policy.
  4. Click the "Add" button in the middle of the page toward the bottom.
  5. Go to your Network settings (click on your Wi-Fi icon)
  6. Look for the "MAC" or "Hardware" address. You may need to scroll down or click on "Advanced Settings". It will be a series of numbers and letters (A through F) separated by colons. (For example, 1A:B2:0F: etc.)
  7. Copy this address into the "MAC Address" field on the Device Registration page.
  8. Click to save/add.
  9. Open a new webpage to test your connection.

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