Okta - Enroll in Google Authenticator

Enrolling your device using Google Authenticator only takes a few steps. Visit https://sso.kean.edu to begin the enrollment process, we suggest using a device other than your mobile phone as you will need to download the Google Authenticator App and scan a QR code during this process. You'll be greeted with a sign-in page and will need to enter your Kean username (Kean Google Email ID) and password. 

Setup the Google Authenticator app

  • On the Set up multifactor authentication screen, click the Setup button below the Google Authenticator option.

  • On the Setup Google Authenticator screen, select the appropriate device. **Note: Select iPhone if you have a device that runs iOS such as an iPad.

  • Once you make your selection, you'll have the option to download the Okta Verify app from the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android). On your mobile device, download and install the Google Authenticator App from the App/Play Store.
  • Once installed on your mobile device, open the Google Authenticator app and click the plus sign (+) to add an Account.
  • When prompted, allow Google Authenticator to take pictures and record video. Please note that the wording of this prompt may be different depending on your device, please ensure to grant Google Authenticator use of the camera.
  • Point your camera at the QR code displayed in your browser.

  • If you scanned the QR code, click Next. The passcode generator screen appears and generates passcodes to use when prompted for extra verification. You have 30 seconds to enter the passcode before it generates a new one.
  • If you can't scan the QR code, then follow the instructions below:
    • On your phone, start Google Authenticator and tap the + icon, and select Enter a setup key.
    • In the Account Name field, enter a name for the connection. We recommend entering something to differentiate between Kean University and other services that you may use.
    • On your computer, click the Can’t scan? link
    • This will display a secret key on the browser screen that you then enter in the Key field on your phone. 
    • When finished, click Next.
  • The web browser on your computer returns to the Set up multifactor authentication screen.
  • If you are finished setting up the factors for your Okta account, you can click Finish

Use the Google Authenticator app

  • Any time you authenticate against Okta and are prompted for MFA, you can now use Google Authenticator to enter a code. For security purposes, this code changes every thirty seconds and it is the intended behavior of any application that utilizes code-based MFA. The code you enter is whatever code is currently being displayed in the app.
  • After you are prompted, load the Google Authenticator app.
  • Please note that the 6-digit code will have a space after the first three numbers. Do not enter a space when entering the code.

If you are unable to use the Google Authenticator App for MFA, the following options are available:

Contact the OCIS Help Desk at 908-737-6000 to get set up with any of these alternative methods.

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