An Introduction To FreshService

Introducing OCIS’s New Online Support Portal 

(Powered by FreshService)

OCIS has migrated to a new system for handling tickets called FreshService. This system allows our technicians to operate more efficiently and makes it easier than ever for the campus community to request assistance and communicate with our team. The online portal is the new central hub for all your OCIS needs. 

The portal is available to all faculty, staff, and students, and can be accessed through


What Can I Do On The Help Desk Support Portal? 

1) Browse our “Solutions” knowledgebase for information and steps to resolve common issues.  

2) Request a service or file forms, such as requesting new equipment, installing software, or adjusting accounts and access.  

3) Raise a ticket for an issue whether it’s affecting you or someone else, all through a convenient digital form. 

4) Review your tickets and add your own notes to give updates or correspond with our staff.   

5) Edit your own profile to verify our records and inform us of any additional information that could help us assist you, such as hours of availability.  

5) For supervisors – sign off on any requests that require your approval. 

6) For hiring managers – File for onboarding of new employees and their resource needs.  

7) View announcements posted to the campus, such as planned service outages.  


For more information on how to get started with the Help Desk Portal, check out the "Getting Started" section of our Solutions base, or click on any of the guide links below:

FreshService also provides its own user guide PDF (attached to this post), though its example screenshots use a different layout from our website.

Can I still call OCIS to report an issue? 

Our Help Desk phone lines will remain open for our normal business hours. Some issues (such as passwords) may be best resolved by our Help Desk. A ticket will be created from the phone call, even if you only leave a voicemail. If you leave a voicemail, a technician will call you back, so please leave a detailed description of your issue. If you are a student or an employee  calling from a phone outside of your office, please state your name clearly and slowly.   

Can I still e-mail to report an issue?  

OCIS will no longer accept tickets through e-mail. All tickets must be filed through the website or by the front desk (by phone or in-person).  The support portal will be able to route most tickets to the appropriate technicians; there is no need to directly e-mail staff to raise a ticket.  

No matter how the ticket is filed, you will receive e-mail updates for your tickets, and you may reply to those e-mails to update the ticket and correspond with our technicians. 


The portal can still receive tickets even after hours. However, our normal hours of operation still apply. OCIS can only offer support for requests within hours of operation.

Due to security policies and FERPA regulations, you will still have to call the office for issues related to password resets. Please do not send your passwords to anyone.

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