Requesting Access to Sites and Systems

While many common accounts are created automatically, some systems require specific access forms and approvals. Many of these forms can be found on our Service Catalog

If an account is accessed with your KeanGoogle login ("SSO"), please confirm whether you can log into your e-mail and other services. If those logins are functioning properly, please consult the sections below to confirm which department manages the application.

Please note that due to security policies and FERPA compliance, we must speak to you directly and verify your identity in order to give login credentials. As such, we cannot e-mail passwords. 

The Helpdesk can be reached at (908) 737-6000 during our hours of operation to resolve certain access issues or to create a ticket.

Some forms and request processes have changed. We strongly recommend following the procedures below as older forms are phased out. Some systems require approval from supervisors and/or system administrators.

This article will be updated whenever OCIS makes or learns of a change to these procedures. For any corrections, please file feedback through the buttons at the bottom of this form.

Quick Summary

Please see the below sections for more detailed information.

System Instructions
E-Mail Contact the OCIS Helpdesk by phone
Microsoft Office Create an account through Microsoft. Submit a ticket with OCIS for troubleshooting.
FACSTAFF Connection
Through Domain Account. Refer to our article.
Domain Account OCIS Service Catalog digital form
Printer/Network Drive Access Through Domain Account. Help Desk Service Catalog digital form.
VPN Access Automatically granted with Domain Account. Contact Help Desk for assistance.
Workday If e-mail account is working, contact Human Resources:
Door Access OCIS Service Catalog digital form.
Ellucian (Student System) Submit a filled form as an attachment on the Help Desk portal.
Ellucian (Distributed Financials) Submit a filled form as an attachment on the Help Desk portal.
Perceptive Content ("ImageNow") OCIS Service Catalog digital form.
Titanium OCIS Service Catalog digital form.
EMS Event and Conference Services. Current contact: Alyssia Carbone | Ext. 74114 | HYN-113F
Advisor/Faculty Experience File a ticket on the Help Desk portal.
Simple Syllabus Contact the Provost:
Curriculum Management Contact the Registrar: 
Student Health Portal Health Services: 908-737-4880 | Downs Hall 126 |
Eve server account OCIS Service Catalog digital form.
TracCloud Nancy Thompson Learning Commons: 908-737-4629 | | Online Chat
Library Database Nancy Thompson Learning Commons: 908-737-4629 | | Online Chat
Qualtrics Institutional Research: 908-737-3470 | Townsend 110 |
LinkedIn Learning Professor Ed Johnston | (see: Kean webpage for LinkedIn Learning)


E-Mail Accounts

KeanGoogle accounts are automatically generated for all employees and students.  

  • If you do not have a KeanGoogle account, please call the Helpdesk.
  • If a new account is needed for a department or student group, please submit a ticket or call the Helpdesk.
  • Exchange e-mail accounts for employees share the same login information as your Domain Account.

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office Suite products can be obtained for free using your university e-mail.

LinkedIn Learning

All LinkedIn accounts registered through a Kean e-mail should have access to LinkedIn's learning modules. 

All Employees

KUAIR-FACSTAFF Faculty and Staff Wi-Fi

The Faculty and Staff Wi-Fi is accessed with Domain Account credentials. 

Domain Account and Printers/Drives

The Domain Account is used to log into University computers, to log into the VPN, to connect to KUAIR-FACSTAFF, and to access Network Resources such as printers and shared drives. Domain Accounts are issued only to employees (including student workers).

  • Request forms can be submitted through our Service Catalog or through the search bar.
  • Click here to request a Domain account.
  • Access to Network Resources are requested through the same form.

VPN Access

The VPN is used primarily for working off-campus in order to access campus resources. In light of the COVID-19 remote work periods, access to the VPN was automatically extended to all employees. 


Workday is the Human Resources web portal for the punch-clock, shift management, and document services. 

  • Workday access is automatically granted to employees.
  • Sign in with your KeanGoogle account.
  • Click here to access Workday.
  • If your KeanGoogle account is working but you cannot access Workday, please contact Human Resources.
    908-737-3300 | Administration Building 2nd Floor |

ID Card Door Access

Some doors on campus are locked through an ID Card system on a permission basis.

Administrative Employees

Ellucian Colleague and Datatel Access

The Ellucian system is used by a variety of administrative departments. Its usage includes but is not limited to enrollment management, student records, financial processes, and purchase orders. Access is granted only to employees whose position necessitates it. 

At this time, no digital version of this form exists; access is still requested through a printed PDF form. 

  • Filled and signed forms may be submitted as an attachment on a ticket, or printed and turned into the front desk. (Portal submissions is highly recommended)
  • Click here for the Student System form.
  • Click here for the Distributed Financials form.
  • Each form must be filled separately, though may be submitted together.
  • Ellucian accounts do not share their login credentials with other Kean accounts.
  • To reset your Ellucian password, please call the Helpdesk.

Perceptive Content ("ImageNow") Access

Perceptive Content is a software used for administrative document management, chiefly by Admissions.


Titanium is the software used by various student support services in Downs Hall (Health, Accessibility, and Counseling). 

EMS Access

The EMS (Event Management System) application is used to reserve rooms and coordinate events on campus.

  • Accounts are handled by Conference and Event Services.
    908-737-4110 | Hynes room 113
  • OCIS can assist with installation of the EMS client.
    There is no Mac version of EMS.
  • A limited version of EMS is available online. Click here for the website version.

Faculty and Academic Employees

Advisor/Faculty Experience

Simple Syllabus

Curriculum Management

Student and Academic Accounts

Student Health Portal

The Student Health Portal is used to submit medical records and communicate with Health Services.

Eve Access

Eve accounts are used to access the server used for Computer Science and IT courses. There is no one website or specific application used to log into Eve. Classes commonly use PuTTY and Filezilla. Please consult your instructor for more information.


TracCloud is used by the tutoring center to coordinate with students.

Library Database

The Nancy Thompson Learning Commons website offers access to a variety of academic databases for scholarly journals and research. 


Qualtrics is a service used to conduct research, particularly for surveys and questionnaires.

  • Qualtrics is managed by Institutional Research.
    908-737-3470 | Townsend 110 |

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